Sunday, August 19, 2007

What Is Going On?!

I noticed that the traffic of this blog is increased dramatically. I thought it is ranked with some other popular keywords and receives more traffic from search engines but I was wrong.

There is no new resource of traffic to this blog. The only reason for traffic increase is that people search for SwissCash and related keywords like SwissCash Scam more than the past. Why?

Because it is about a few days that SwissCash investors can not login to their accounts and I also noticed that their website is not online today.

I don't know if they are gone and we are at the end of one of the other scam programs or it is just a temporarily problem. But what I do know and learnt from the increasing of the traffic of this weblog is that most people don't investigate about the companies that they want to invest with them or join their program before they invest and join. They dive to join the high paying programs when they see it has a lot of money for them. They get scared and start investigating only when they can not login to their accounts or the company website is not online.

That's why the traffic is increased.

It is so stupid, isn't it?

Why don't you think and investigate properly before you join?

It is too late now.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Be Careful !


As I have always mentioned here and also in my other websites, never trust HYIPs, Ponzi scheme and high returning programs like SwissCash and if you want to take risk, do it only with the minimum amount of the money and invest the money that you can afford to lose.

Although SwissCash website is still up and running and I receive my monthly payments regularly, some bad news about this program is being heard which means this program is getting so close to the end and will get closed very soon like what that happened to 12DailyPro and other scams.

So be careful and don't invest in SwissCash if you don't like them to be disappeared with your money.

I have also heard that the main Malaysian SwissCash investors are arrested and this program is banned by the Malaysia Security Commissions. Malaysia has the highest number of SwissCash investors. I don't know why.

If you have any question you can reach me at v dot chaychi at gmail dot com.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

SwissCash Still Paying On Time!

SwissCash still pays me every month on time. Of course I have not withdrew any money from my account but my account is up and running and the monthly payments are accumulated in it.

I want to emphasize once again that none of the HYIP programs and programs like SwissCash last forever and you should always consider this possibility that they may stop working and become disappeared suddenly as soon as you invest with them.

So what should you do?

There are two options for you:

1- Do not invest in any HYIP and similar programs and stay at the safe side.


2- If you want to take a risk, invest the money that you can afford to lose not the money that if you lose, you will be in trouble.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

SwissCash Transactions

I received the below message on my cell phone from SwissCash:
Due to corporate reasons, Swiss Mutual Fund had decided that all SwissCash transactions to be carryout only through with immediate effect.
I really don't understand this because as far as I know you had to wire the money to SwissCash for investing. Maybe they are talking about the Internal Money Transfer.

If any of you know what they mean, please clarify it for the others by posting a comment. Thanks.

Monday, February 05, 2007

SwissCash Has Been Good So Far

SwissCash has been good so far. I have received 3 payments and they are so on time. They send a message to my cell phone and when they make a payment.

I have invested the minimum possible amount with SwissCash because I can not trust such programs. But if they remain good, organized and reliable, I will invest more. Stay tuned.

Friday, November 24, 2006

SwissCash and e-gold

I have found out that SwissCash has a perfect system that let you transfer money to your account through your e-gold account. Although it has become so hard to fund e-gold accounts, it can be a good help for the SwissCash members.

I have not dared to invest more in SwissCash yet. I have thought about it a lot but I really can not afford to lose any money. I am able to refer hundreds of members to it but I have to invest at least $1,000 to become a referrer. This is what that I do not dare to do.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

SwissCash Funded My Account

Hello everybody,

I have been waiting for the first payment and finally my cell phone received a message from SwissCash that my account is funded.

I have not heard anything bad about SwissCash so far. However most of the businesses like this work perfect at least for few months. I remember the 12dailypro which had been working for ten month and suddenly they ripped everybody off. So you have to be careful and don't forget the golden rule: Invest as much as you can afford to lose.A few weeks ago, I was browsing a forum and I found a page which made me shocked. It was the list of those who lost money in YMMSS. YMMSS was a pyramid and ponzi scheme. It also worked very good for three years. I found it right when they had decided to stop it but they didn't let anybody know. I invested $340 and never received any payment.

I thought I have lost a lot of money but when I saw that page on the forum, I found out that some people have lost huge amounts of money like $124,000.00 and ... . I felt lucky because I didn't trust them from the first day and felt so sorry for those big losers. It made me so sad. How much they have to work to make the money they have lost again? Some of them may never succeed to do that.Something similar can happen with SwissCash. So everybody has to be careful. Don't listen to those who fell in love with these companies and advertise for them like crazy, refer thousands of people to them and then get both the company and its lovers get disappeared over night.

I really don't know if it is a good idea to invest more with SwissCash or not. I have lost lots of money over the web in the last 1 to 2 years. I don't like to be ripped off again.